The love/hate relationship with Bike Insurance

Insurance. It’s the law. We have to have it, whether that be 3rd Party Only, or Fully Comprehensive, it’s one of the unavoidable costs of being a Biker.




A question very regularly asked in various forums: “How do I get cheaper insurance?” Well there are some top tips that you can take into consideration to reduce the insurance bill:

  • Security
    Where do you keep your bike? Parked on the road probably isn’t the best option here. You might want to consider keeping it in a garage. Or at the very least, locked behind your house with a ground anchor and Thatcham approved chain and alarm.
  • Bike Age
    Brand new bikes cost more. Both the outlay of the bike, and it’s insurance. Try considering an older bike of the same model, or even a classic. Some companies will provide considerable discount for older bikes.
  • Club Affiliation
    There are some specialist insurers that will provide a discount if you are a member of a recognised owners club.
  • On-line Comparison Sites
    A lot of specialist insurance companies do not appear on the Comparison sites, so although it’s helpful to use them as a start point, it’s also worthwhile ringing around the lesser known insurers to see if they can beat the on-line prices you’ve been quoted
  • Yearly Mileage
    Mileage plays a big part here, if you only did 2,000 miles on your bike last year, do you need a 12,000 mile policy this year? Probably not, so it’s worthwhile reducing this on your policy to make some savings. The caveat here is that if you exceed your stated mileage, you could be effectively riding without insurance!
  • Excess
    Can you afford to lay out a little more in the event of a fault accident? That £100 excess sounds great, but it could be pushing up your premium. If you can afford to increase it to say £250, then the savings you make on the premium could be substantial, although it’s wise to note that if you commit to more than you can afford, you could be setting yourself up for being out of pocket in the event of an accident

There are many other tips out there for cheaper insurance, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Shop around, do your research whether it’s for your 50cc ped, or your Custom ‘Busa, the tips work equally well!

Just remember that whether we love or hate it, insurance is useful in the event of an accident, especially if it’s not your fault!

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