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Have you got what it takes?

It can seem quite a complicated route, we can help you understand if it is right for you, and which is the best route for you to obtain an Instructor licence.

ALL of our instructors have a real passion for bikes, biking and instructing. So if you think you can bring the same to the industry, then it may well be the right choice for you.

To start with you need to have held a FULL motorcycle licence for at least 3 years, ideally you will have gained quite a bit of experience during your riding time but obviously this isn’t a requirement.

Be warned that you will need to ride all year round and to some, riding behind a youngster on a scooter in the pouring rain isn’t exactly their idea of fun.

Training can be spread out over time to suit your other commitments or if you want to get a full CBT or DAS instructor’s licence ASAP we can condense the training, all we ask is that are fully committed to the training programme

What will it cost?

As our school grows we have a need to bring instructors along so if you want to train and work with us, then let us know and we can discuss options further.

Training can be intensified for anyone who want to progress straight through with the intention of taking their qualification with them to work at another school, or even to set up their own DVSA Authorised Training Body.

Just speak to us we can work a custom plan out and help guide you through everything including setting your own school up (it probably wont cost as much as you think).
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