Terms and conditions

Please take time to read and understand these T&C’s. They are there for yours and our safety and protection.

Safety and responsibilities: We will aim to make your Training as safe and enjoyable as possible. There could be a small element of risk when using a motorbike, please note that when learning to ride a bike the instructor has no direct control over the vehicle, ultimately the responsibility will be the rider to ride safely and under the guidance of the instructors.  We, at THINK BIKE TRAINING, will not be accountable for any accident or incident that may occur during the training. Any damages occurred will be at the cost of the trainee (see accidental damage section). You will need to bring your current VALID driving licence and advise of ANY offences recorded on, or pending on any current licence.

Trainee Conduct: We have a ZERO tolerance on any aggressive profanities, verbal threats or physical threatening behaviour. We will have no alternative than to call the police if this happens. It is your responsibility to act in accordance with the directions and advice given to you by the instructors. You are also responsible for making sure you are dressed and protected for motorbike riding. You are also obliged to advise us of any psychical condition or medication you may be taking that could affect training or safety. Agreeing to the T & C’s will also give authorisation for the instructor to have the right to stop/halt training if he/she believe the trainee is incapacitated by the way of alcohol or drugs, or fails to comply with instruction or safety standards. If training should have to be terminated due to any of the above there will be loss of any money paid by the trainee.

Cancellations & Refunds: There are occasions the lesson may have to be cancelled/changed by the trainee or school either way we can make arrangements for alternative booking to be made. Refunds are at the discretion of the management, circumstances will be taken into consideration. If the trainee/instructor has to cancel please try to give as much notice as possible, however, this must be at least 48 hours notice. No show/turning up late will result in full payment requested.  Advanced payment for next lesson may be requested. Always try to give plenty of notice, and please arrive in plenty of time to allow the course to start on time.

Accidental Damage: If you damage a THINK BIKE TRAINING bike you agree to be liable to pay the loss incurred by THINK BIKE TRAINING for the cost of any replacement parts required, plus labour up to our insurance excess of £500.

Using your own bike: The rider of the vehicle is responsible for the being registered/road worthy (MOT) Insured and Taxed, we can, and will ask to see evidence of this. You will need to make Arrangements for the vehicle to be brought to the training ground for any checks of the bike and/or paperwork prior to the lesson starting. We reserve the right to refuse to train a trainee on their own machine if we deem the machine to be unsuitable for training.

Prepayments: Any prepayments not used within a 6 month period, or any gaps in training more than 6 months will result in loss of any credit on your account. If there is any reason why you need to take an extended break you should discuss this before the 6 month period is completed and alternatives may be arranged.

Deposits: Minimum deposit amount is £50. All deposits are non-refundable. The first £50 of any payment will be used as a deposit whether or not payment in full is made.

THINK BIKE TRAINING accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any customer’s personal property.

Services rendered by Think Bike Training are not transferable or exchangable without prior arrangment and agreement.

For the purpose of European Union Data Protection legislation, we (as defined and detailed in our Site) are the data controller.

By engaging in training with us you are considered to have accepted these terms and conditions.