Want to throw your L plates away?

There are several categories and routes to getting a Full Licence.

  • A1 (125cc) from 17 years old.
  • A2 (47 bhp) from 19 years old.
  • A (Full unrestricted licence) from 24 (or 2 years after passing A2 licence).

Seem like a bit of a minefield? Why not Contact us and arrange to drop by and we can talk you through the process and help you work out the most cost effective way of obtaining a full licence (in your category). We can give you all the guidance and training that you need to pass your Module 1 and Module 2 tests along with developing your skill set to keep you safe on the road.

What do you need?

  • Correct age and a provisional licence for your category.
  • A Valid CBT. This is essential. If you havent got one see our CBT section, we can get you through that and progress you straight through to a full licence all in one!
  • Theory test pass certificate, see link below for practice or contact us for further advice.
  • Positive attitude towards your training, we want you to enjoy the experience, so remember the banter goes both ways.
  • Look at getting yourself some bike gear** (see the link below about appropriate clothing for tests), unfortunately we can NOT loan ours out due to the present climate at the moment.

**Before you go out and buy bike gear feel free to talk to us first, as we may be able to point you in the direction of some deals offered by local Bike Shops.

What do we provide?

  • Bikes to use
  • Safety gear At present we are unable to loan any out due to the present climate
  • Instructors that are professional, experienced riders with the drive to offer training and guidance throughout your lessons (also we have a sense of humor so come and have some fun while learning)

How much does it cost?

Prices correct as of August 2021

Lessons are provided in 2 hour blocks, at £35 per hour. We feel this is the best amount of time to get a good training session in for both Mod1 and Mod2.
Intensive Courses

We offer 3 separate courses for DAS, and these are based upon the rider’s capabilities after a short assessment (Assessment cost is an additional £30). All our courses offer use of a helmet, gloves and a fully insured bike. We also include training for the “Show me/Tell me” Mod 2 questions.

TBT Intensive

A course for those who are new to riding and only have a CBT. Includes 5 days of training, split into MOD1 and MOD2 training, and is tailored specifically for you.

TBT Intermediate

A course for those who have a CBT and some riding experience already. Includes 4 days of training, split into MOD1 and MOD2 training, and is tailored specifically for you.

TBT A2 to A Upgrade

This is an upgrade course from an A2 to an A licence  for those who have already taken their A2 licence and passed. The course is over 3 days and includes test day and fees.

We will brush up on your ability to take your MOD1 again with training/practice on the Test Centre Grounds (MMA).   Then out on the road removing the cobwebs and tiding up your riding for MOD2.


Not all courses are suitable for all riders, after the initial £30 assessment, our instructors will talk to you specifically about which course (if any) is suitable for you.

Course Pricing

Prices correct as of August 2021

Training Price Info
Lessons are provided in 2 hour blocks, at £35 per hour

Additional / requested – 1 hour lessons at a cost of £40 per hour

UP grade A2 – A1 licence from £660 3 days training/ test fees
Intensive Course from £880 Inc test fees

Test Fees

MOD1 (Includes DVSA test fee of £15.50) £60
MOD2 (Includes DVSA test fee of £75.00) £150
Theory Classes £25 per hr

Test Prices do not include any bike hire/lesson costs

Theory Lessons

Please contact us to talk through any individual requirements, we always aim to make sure you get the training you need.

Note We sincerely believe we offer the highest quality training at an affordable price. When we buy from someone, we often ask for a discount, so to save you the hassle we have decided to give you discounts on our services without having to ask!

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