From £105

From 16 years old on a Moped

From 17 years old on a Motorbike

We always encourage an introductory lesson prior to a CBT to allow you to get a feel for riding our bikes.

A CBT is usually completed in one day, and the course covers 5 main elements from discussions about safety equipment through to completing a road ride, all covered with guidance from one of our Instructors.

What do you need?

  • Correct age (see above)
  • Current UK driving/provisional licence (providing provisional entitlement for moped or motorbike)
  • Payment (see below)
  • Current Driving/Provisional licence details (available online here)
  • Positive attitude towards your day (a bit of banter helps the day flow)
  • Bring your own bike and or gear (if you have any).

What do we provide?

  • Moped or Motorbike
  • We have some helmets, jackets and gloves that you can borrow (if you dont have your own)
  • We aim to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment to help with the learning process.

How much does it cost?

(prices correct as of November 2020)

Price Info
Pre CBT Training £50 per hour
and half
Introduction lesson
Trainee getting to know the bike.
Own Bike CBT Renewal (Weekday) £105 Old CBT expiry should be NO more than 2 weeks out and you must have proof of insurance, MOT and Vehicle Tax
Own Bike CBT Renewal (Weekend) £125 As Above
Standard CBT £140
CBT One to One £250 Just you and an instructor
CBT Enhanced £250 1hr Intro less, CBT, 3hrs extra road ride

Payment needs to be paid in full within 12 hours of booking, by bank transfer to our account.


Compulsory Basic Training – Five Elements Overview:

  1. A two way talk between the instructor and trainees about helmets, clothing and equipment
  2. Introduction to the bike that you will use on the day, including controls, what daily and weekly checks you will need to perform, and how to manually handle the bike as well as correct usage of the stand(s)
  3. Learning how to handle the bike in different situations, including basic controls, riding around obstacles placed by the instructor in a safe, secure environment.
  4. Classroom talk about what to expect whilst out and about on the public roads.
  5. Road Ride. This should be a minimum of two hours out on the bike, learning about different situations that may arise whilst you’re out on the road on your own.

Own Bike CBT

As per a standard CBT using your own Bike. You must be able to produce valid MOT and Insurance details.

Own Bike CBT Renewals

As per a standard CBT Renewal using your own Bike. You must be able to produce valid MOT and Insurance details, and your current CBT must still be valid.


Think Bike Training accept no liabilities in the case where your own bike is used. Please ensure your bike is in good working order, and that the relevant documentation is available for viewing prior to any instruction. Think Bike Training reserves the right to refuse training on your own bike if it is believed that it is not roadworthy, or the relevant documentation is not correct. This may result in a loss of any deposit(s) made.

CBT One To One

A one to one CBT with just you and the Instructor, allowing a more intensive experience.

CBT Enhanced Package

  • 1 Hour intro lesson geared or automatic.
  • CBT (As above)
  • Enhanced Training

This package will give you an extra 3 hours on the road, highlighting many situations you may come across. This will improve your general riding ability, increase your confidence and help you along the road towards biking.

Ridefree: new online motorcycle training to improve road safety

Ridefree is a free online training course that you should complete before taking your moped or motorcycle compulsory basic training (CBT).

More Info