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Barry (as seen on tv)

I have been passionate about bikes from an early age. It all began at School where when doing a project on Motorcycle History I met a guy who lived in our village called Maurice Caan, an “old man” who still had fire in his eyes. I was shown his very old ex-racing bikes, and massive trophy cabinet. I spent ages asking him questions about bikes.

Within a year I had saved up and bought my very first bike, a non running Honda 50 and it cost me £6.00. Once I worked out how to get it started I then had to figure out how to ride, luckily I had access to some waste land in the village to experiment in some safety. Since then I haven’t been without a bike.

I did take a trip onto the dark side and became a car instructor back in the 80’s – 90’s. Although instructing in cars, my heart remained focused on bikes. Eventually I decided to become a bike instructor. BEST thing I have done. I get to mix my passion with my work, and what makes it even better is I get to share all this with Tracey, not just my other half but best friend and work mate.

I have been on several TV chanels/programs (not crimewatch lol) Most recently ITN production “Car Crash Britain” but have featured on several other channels including Fox Entertainment and RudeTube.


Well where do I start? Cutting a long story short – I’ve been riding bikes since I was 17 when I owned a Grandad 90, with a large break between then and 2004. Before that I’d been a pillion for many years. My first memory, when I was about 11, Dave. my mum and dad’s mate, rode a bike each weekend he would take me home on the back, OMG I loved it, then a neighbour, he also took me on the back of his 1300 sports bike whizzing up Gotham Road it was brill, I couldn’t wait till the next time. I’ve always loved being on a bike, there’s nothing like it.

Years later I met Barry, we met through the love of bikes and unfortunately at the time of the fantastic Barry Sheene passing away which became our talking point, the conversation carried on and here we are many years later both holding Licences to teach and pass on our passion and knowledge of bikes.

My love of motoring has been imbedded in my blood as my dad was a long distance lorry driver for years and one or the original Nottingham bikers from the 50’s. I’ve travelled the roads of Britain and always loved driving. At an early age I wanted to be a driving instructor but that never materialised. So after passing my test on a bike and meeting Barry, having biking in my life more, I combined them both.

I have held an instructors licence at 3 other schools and now brought my experiences to our own school hoping to pass them and excellent training on to you.

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