Finding Time

Well – Time has seemed to just slip by without me even noticing – Too many days, not enough blogs. One thing I try and manage to do though is to find time to ride.
I’ve not managed as many ride outs as I’d like, for a couple of reasons, but mainly because life has simply got in the way (that and the rebuild of the Suzuki).

The point of this brief blog is this: We need to make time for the things that we love, and although I enjoy blogging, I love bikes more. I’ve recently had a brief holiday away, and I kept thinking about getting back on two wheels as soon as possible. I’m home now, but my bike is currently off the road due to an overheating problem (which I suspect is my own fault to be honest), I’ll be fixing that ASAP, and getting out!

Do you find enough time to ride?

Commuting doesn’t really cut it as ‘riding time’ for me, but an hour here, half hour there, it’s something that we (as bikers) should do. Not only does it rest the soul, it keeps those skills sharp. It’s easy to drop into ‘autopilot’ when on 4 wheels, but on 2 wheels, there’s so much more to think about: road surface, side winds, corner speed – entrance point – exit point, other road users, the list goes one. I feel like I’ve forgotten all that having not been on the bike in 4 days! It’s a crazy thought, but I really think like that!

Anyway that’s all I wanted to say really, a little disjointed, but no matter – stop reading blogs and get out and ride people! Have fun!

Ride Safe!