Accidents – Road Presence

Arrest over fatal Nottingham motorbike crash – BBC News

It’s important to note that this is a very tragic event, and first and foremost, our thoughts at Think Bike Training go out to the family and friends of the rider and indeed anyone else involved, and we wish in no way to cast blame, nor are we making any assumptions about what happened.

This does, however, lead on to a very important point about being a biker. Road presence can mean the difference between being seen, and being missed. We all know that motorbikes have a blind spot, hence the need for the lifesaver glance, so it would be naive to assume that other road users don’t have a blind spot too. We need to ensure that wherever possible we are making our presence known. We can do this with something as simple as our speed, road position, and clothing. Keeping in vehicles known visibility areas is a good tactic, as well as making sensible speed choices whilst filtering and overtaking.Whilst your Black Bike, Black helmet and Black leathers make look the bees knees to you, it doesn’t exactly make you very visible in poor light conditions. Clear, bright clothing is essential in some conditions to make you more visible. Florescent and reflective jackets, helmets, gloves, even boots all add to your visibility, and reduce the risk of you being missed. We cannot change the behaviours of other road users, nor should we try.

We should simply make it known that we are there.

Ride Safe!