What’s the weather like?

So it seems we’re having a typical spate of British weather of late. Snow a couple of weeks ago, Warm sunny weather over the weekend, and now persistent rain. Riding in a variety of different weather conditions can be challenging for a Biker. Especially if you commute on your bike. Water seems to get in places it should never reach when it’s raining, snow and ice provide real road condition challenges, windy conditions can cause unexpected lane changes, and the heat makes you sweat worse than a pig in a butchers!

At Think Bike Training we train our students all year round and in all weather conditions. This allows you to become accustomed to riding in many different conditions. Some students can get lucky and only ever train and do their tests in good weather, others get to experience the reality of the British ‘Full Force’. Whatever the weather, rest assured that we’ll teach you how to deal with it in the best possible manner!Why not contact us to discuss some lessons? We offer lessons at ALL levels, Taster, CBT, DAS (Direct Access), Refresher, Advanced, and even instructor training.