Recently there have been a number of thefts of bikes from the Nottingham area. Unfortunately this is often due to bikes becoming more apparent on roads, driveways and in car parks in the Summer(ish) months. There is something that I’ve always thought about thieves, and that is “If they really want to steal it [your bike], then they’ll get it, no matter what the cost”. This may be true for some bikes, a Panigale or S1000RR for instance, but for the most part, thieves are opportunistic, if they see any other bike that’s easy to steal, then they’re likely to do so.

I must say, from what I’ve observed lately, 125s seem to be the bike to steal at the moment. One could possibly surmise that this is due to the fact that they’re easy to sell on, and/or strip for parts, and being light and typically easier to move around as well as being easier to ride (lets face it, I doubt many of the thieves have a category A licence!!), they make an easy target. Taking steps to secure your bike is a sensible step, but sadly thieves will often persist. Whatever your ride, make sure that you secure it whenever/wherever it’s left, simply to deter the thieves, especially when at home overnight. A few suggestions for you home :

  1. Ground anchors & Chains
    A very cheap options these days, chains and anchors can be picked up for peanuts, but remember, keep the chain taut and close to the bike. This makes using an angle grinder on them difficult!
  2. Disk locks
    Clamping to the front/rear disk to prevent the wheels from turning boasts the security of preventing the bike from being ridden, but also from being pushed too! Whilst these are very popular as they are notoriously difficult to remove, they do pose a risk to yourself if you forget about them! Make sure you pick up one with a lanyard to attach to your throttle to remind you it’s attached.
  3. Alarms
    – Professional Install
    Many places will offer a professional bike alarm install. These will usually be Thatcham Approved, and may even reduce the cost of insurance as they quite often include an immobiliser too. The downside being that some models are known to have caused electrical problems, preventing the bike from being started, and in some cases, causing the bike to turn off whilst riding. Bad install or Product fault? Make your own mind up on that one!
    – DIY Install
    These alarms can be picked up relatively cheaply, and are simple to install. Just remember, simple to install, usually means simple to remove too! Usually no immobiliser, and get it wrong, and you can cause some serious electrical problems that you then have to rectify!

Whatever your budget, make sure that you take care to keep your pride and joy in your possession, and not in the thieves hands! One of the best forms of security of course, is to keep the bike out of sight in an alarmed garage overnight, which isn’t  possible if you don’t have a garage, but what about behind the house in the back garden? Behind a car on your drive? Perhaps a purposely built shed or outhouse for your bike would serve you well? I myself am seriously considering CCTV to deter the opportunists!

Have a look at they have a very comprehensive range of products to help you decide what security you can afford and what will best serve you!

Ride Safe!