Old Bike?

Ok – So this is a 1989 Suzuki GSX750F (Katana) that’s been stood for 6 years that our Webmaster is putting back on the road. GSX750F

Now a lot of people will shy away from old bikes in favour of the newer, shinier bikes, and for those without mechanical knowledge, that’s a smart move, as the amount of time and effort taken to strip, clean, replace and rebuild parts on an old bike can be too much, and is a very steep learning curve.

Should you shy away from an older bike that’s already been restored? Well that really is down to the taste of the individual. Some people like older bikes, others like newer ones. It’s purely a style preference. If an older bike has been well maintained and restored, regardless of mileage, then it could be a good investment! Plus if it’s over 20 years old, then it will qualify for Classic Bike insurance with some companies, bringing down the cost of biking in the longer term!

All our training bikes and our Instructor bikes at Think Bike Training are maintained to the highest possible standard, ensuring both your and our safety. We have appropriate sized bikes for taller and shorter students as well as bikes with the correct power levels for each licence category!So no matter whether you’re coming to us for a taster, CBT, DAS/ Direct access, advanced or instructor lesson, we can provide you with the correct well maintained bike! Alternatively, you can use your own bike if it is fully road legal with MOT, Taxed, Insured and of the correct power level, displaying ‘L’ plates where necessary.


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