Male and Female CBT and DAS Instructors

Great News!  Tracey who is already a great CBT instructor has now been down to DVSA HQ for her DAS instructor assessment.  Tracey now has her “BLUE” instructor licence, this allows her to teach at all levels.  We both believe in not asking anyone to do something that we wouldn’t or couldn’t do ourselves, we do regular assessments on each other to make sure we stay at the top of our game. So People if you go for training anywhere don’t be afraid to ask to see the instructors licence, if they cant provide it then be concerned.  As a quick guide the licence number may have just numbers only i.e. 333828666, this denotes they have been trained by an instructor but havent been to the DVSA for an assesment (although they may have been visited by the DVSA), if the number ends with the letter C this shows they have attended the DVSA and sat through a 2 day assesment (test) to prove they are carrying out the CBT to the required standard and can also start teaching other people to become CBT instructors. If the licence begins with a D this shows they have also attended the DAS assessment with the DVSA and can now teach you to full licence standard.  There are people out there who dont care about teaching to a safe standard, so please remember to check your instructor out if in doubt.  Learn well, ride safe, enjoy biking 🙂