How do you learn?

In any learning environment, there are a number of learners that will respond to different styles of teaching. Some people are pure practical, some are pure theoretical. When you consider that the current motorcycle tests posed by the DVSA contain 3 elements, it becomes very apparent that we exert a lot of effort preparing for these tests, but what about afterwards?We gain that nice shiny pink licence with our new categories on, then what? Do we stop learning? I could rant on about human evolution, the need to progressk, yada yada yada… The bottom line is this. If we don’t continue to learn, then we will never get any better. Although the test standards are set to make us safe on the roads, and here at Think Bike Training we put a lot of emphasis on this, there is always room for improvement. By simply going for a blast, we’re learning, but what if we want to go further than our own pace allows?Simple. Contact Us. Arrange an advanced day, or an advanced lesson on a particular area you feel you need help with. We can cover a number of topics, like cornering, braking, filtering, even bike maintenance! Whatever your bike needs, we’ll do everything we can to assist you!