How do you learn?

In any learning environment, there are a number of learners that will respond to different styles of teaching. Some people are pure practical, some are pure theoretical. When you consider that the current motorcycle tests posed by the DVSA contain 3 elements, it becomes very apparent that we exert a lot of effort preparing…

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Survival Reactions

Survival Reactions is popular term that’s often batted around biker circles, I would imagine primarily due to Keith Code’s Twist of the Wrist 2 book and video (available on YouTube), but what does it really mean? There are 7 that are listed, although personally I feel these can be broadened out…

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Filtering – Is it safe?

Filtering through traffic

With more and more cars hitting the roads each day, there is an increasing amount of slow traffic, particularly at rush hour, when a lot of bikers take to the roads on their daily commute, especially in the summer time. Discounting the obviously obstructive drivers, there are too many others that…

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