How do you learn?

In any learning environment, there are a number of learners that will respond to different styles of teaching. Some people are pure practical, some are pure theoretical. When you consider that the current motorcycle tests posed by the DVSA contain 3 elements, it becomes very apparent that we exert a lot of effort preparing…

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MOT Time?

There is always a lot of discussion about MOT’s and what’s actually tested. Unfortunately, the changes to MOT tests are not always well advertised so this adds to the confusion. So what should you be checking on your bike to ensure it passes? Well for the most part, if you…

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PreFlight Checks

KTM Bikes

Going for a ride out? Playing in the twists and turns?  Many of us are so keen to get out and about on our bikes, It would easy be forget the basic checks we should be doing on a routine basis. Here are a few in no particular order: Tyres Check…

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