PreFlight Checks

KTM Bikes

Going for a ride out? Playing in the twists and turns? KTM Bikes

Many of us are so keen to get out and about on our bikes, It would easy be forget the basic checks we should be doing on a routine basis. Here are a few in no particular order:

  • Tyres
    Check for signs of wear and damage that may affect the handling of your bike, are the pressures ok? (Your service manual should tell you what these are)
  • Chain
    Check for tension and excessive sprocket wear, does it need lubricating?
  • Battery
    Any signs of leaking or cracking may mean a replacement is overdue!
  • Fluids
    Check any and all fluids, coolant (for the water cooled amongst you), battery fluid levels, oil, brake fluid
  • Cables
    Do they all move smoothly? any signs of fraying? Free play adjusted correctly?
  • Lights
    Indicators, brake lights, dipped/main beam
  • Brakes
    Any strange noises or binding of brakes could mean it’s time for an overhaul

There are probably many more checks you can perform before riding out, but they’re all for the same purpose, to ensure your bike is in tip-top shape to keep you safe and secure on the road. Many of you may have neglected these checks for a quick nip out, but they’re just as important for the short journeys as they are the long ones!

Contact us for more information, and ride safe!