Motorcycle Training at ALL levels

Sunday was a very busy day training at many levels for Tracey and me.  Working primarily from our City training ground we started with 2 introductory lessons. Colt one of our new trainee instructors did one under Tracey’s supervision.  After finishing the other, I shot off to do some DAS training, couple of hours Mod1 training at the test centre followed by some Mod2 practice then back to City where Tracey and Colt were busy with 2 people doing a CBT course. Colt did a fantastic job building his experience guiding Jayden and Andy through the course. I will try to get a picture of Martin (our other trainee instructor) next, they are nearly as camera shy as me 🙂   So for Motorbike Training in Nottingham come to the people you can trust.

Think Bike Training.