Motorbike Training at all levels in Nottingham

Busy day for us again today. Introductory lessons first thing and at the end of the day, I left Tracey and Martin (one of our Trainee Instructors) with CBTs while I shot off to do some DAS lessons. Great job by Martin and Wayne at the test centre today, practising for the Mod1 test. This afternoon I took Dominique out for her first road ride on a 600, we had a great ride over to Melton, first of some great times on the big bikes 🙂  Back to our Clifton sites for more introductory and low speed control lessons.  More similar tomorrow then on Monday we are both off out on a group advanced day with a small group of ladies and gents who have a full licence but want to improve some riding skills. Updates to follow. If you want details of the types of lessons we can offer and prices just have a look around our website, feel free to contact us.