Helmet Camera – Do you need one?

In today’s traffic, there are a number of ‘incidents’ I hear of daily involving car drivers and bikers. Some of these are simply verbal altercations (usually over filtering), others are no so lucky. In the event of an insurance claim after a collision, a helmet camera can provide that necessary evidence to prove who is to blame, and the full circumstances around the incident. Unfortunately more and more insurance companies seem to turn every trick they can to not pay out, but if there is video evidence, they don’t really have much choice, as it removes the ‘your word against theirs’ clause. In that instance, a camera is almost essential.

There is a problem with wearing a camera though, If you are pulled over by the police following a road traffic violation, then that camera becomes police evidence!
For instance: Say you were pulled over for riding at 35 mph in a 30 limit, the police then have just cause to seize the camera as evidence. If you attempt to wipe the card, or remove it, you could then be prosecuted for ‘destroying or tampering with evidence’, an even worse offence that may see you behind bars!

A word to the wise, whilst having a camera can be a great video record of a ride out, or evidence in an insurance claim, it IS a double edged sword which could see you in trouble so be careful. Whilst Think Bike Training Ltd does not condone speeding, stunting or general tomfoolery on the road, we feel it’s necessary to advise you of this fact.

One thing to note: The law as I understand it, means that you do NOT have to provide the camera if you have NOT committed an offence. You only need to provide it if the police can prove it may contain evidence of a crime. For instance: If you are pulled over for a routine stop, and ask the officer if you have committed an offence, and they say no, then the camera is not evidence of anything, and they have no right to check it.