Counter steering physics – A quick note

Many students have asked about the physics behind counter steering, and whilst there are currently (to my knowledge) no physicians working for Think Bike Training, it’s a reasonably well reported fact that counter steering is engaged whenever a corner is turned at speed on a motorcycle, be it consciously or otherwise. This invokes a lean angle for the bike to be able to corner efficiently and safely. This video demonstrates what happens when counter steering is invoked, and why it works.

The typical invocation of counter steering is this: Push Left to go left, Push right to go right. Although it’s essential to note that we are talking a small amount of pressure here, for the most part, big handlebar movements on bikes can cause big problems!There is more in depth reading available here including the mathematical formula for turning.There is always debate on this topic, It’s said by some that “I never counter steer and I corner fine, I simply lean into the bend”. Others “I always counter steer, even at low speed”. What are your thoughts on counter steering? Please leave us a comment below, or directly on our Facebook page.For training and information on advanced riding topics, why not book an advanced lesson with us? Contact us for more detail.